In order to promote a cleaner Botswana, Cleanico has worked towards zero-waste initiatives within the organization through waste segregation and disposal. We have partnered with Coca Cola to reduce and recycle

Ntuka Orapeleng, MD of Cleanico, states that waste equals opportunity. Where most people see waste, the company sees ways it can improve the lively hood of its citizens. Cleanico has explored ways to make recycling easier for customers. Waste management shows how recycling as many times as we can and recycling right can help preserve valuable landfill space and can save precious natural resources. These are all reasons why zero waste to landfill is one of the best examples of corporate social responsibility in our business.

Coca-Cola Botswana has been mandated with the setting up of Material Recovery and Segregation Facilities (MRFs) in Botswana. The facilities will be set up at multiple locations in Botswana. The efforts will also focus on creating frameworks for sustainable community-led approach and spreading awareness among the waste workers and local administration.

Together, with our partners, we want to encourage self-sustaining ventures within decentralized waste management. These partnerships are aligned with our vision of creating a ‘World Without Waste’ to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of our packaging by 2030.”

Coca-Cola Botswana, focuses on sustainable development and inclusive growth. The collaboration with Cleanico was set up as a ‘not for profit’ by Coca-Cola Botswana with a view to extend its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to the community at large, particularly those that are economically and socially deprived.

To achieve this objective, Cleanico focuses on supporting social projects in the domain of waste management and zero waste to landfill through various partnerships with residential complexes where each household is encouraged to segregate their recyclable waste from source.

The partnerships will also drive social initiatives such as raising awareness of source segregation, influencing attitudinal changes in waste disposal, and protection of natural habitats among others.

Inadequate awareness on segregation is one of the major roadblocks that hinders recycling. Burning of unsorted solid waste can also aggravate air pollution. Cleanico has a one of its kind infrastructure for material recovery including PET.